In Theaters: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Keeping Up With The Joneses, & Ouija: Origin Of Evil


As October nears its end and Halloween approaches right around the corner (it’s on a Monday this year!?), of course we are treated to a few Halloween films. Here’s last Friday’s list of movies, including four major new releases, three of which were sequels.

Tom Cruise returns as Jack Reacher, the character of his that no one really asked for him to return for. Apparently the first film made just enough to warrant a sequel, and since apparently this based off of some well-run series, there is plenty of source material to pull from. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back features his signature fight style for a little guy and co-stars Cobie Smulders as a wrongfully accused Army Major. If Cruise wants to return as Ethan Hunt (Mission: Impossible) but every action star should probably be allowed one reoccurring action part. No one wants to see Matt Damon running around, beating people up in several different roles other than Jason Bourne, so Cruise should probably stick to one as well.

Sadly, Tyler Perry returns with the low budget Madea franchise, this time pitting his old Big Mama character against the paranormal in a Halloween version of his antics. Needless to say, this will probably play alright with its desired audiences. The other Halloween fare this week is another sequel, or prequel, with Ouija: Origin Of Evil, from director Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Hush). With great reviews and coming off an original that was not very liked but made enough money to justify a sequel, Flanagan’s competence makes this one a must-see, as he seems to be able to turn just about any idea into something special, even a based-on-a-board game franchise.

Lastly, the comedy that is jam-packed with all the right cast but apparently falls a bit short in the laughs department is Keeping Up With The Joneses, in which Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot move in next door to Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher and turn their life upside down, when they turn out to be James Bond-like agents. All I can say is Gadot and Fisher look amazing in this and may be worth the price of admission, even if it doesn’t land any of its jokes.

Actor Ewan McGregor directs his first film in which he also stars with American Pastoral, alongside Jennifer Connolly and Dakota Fanning, in which he plays a father looking for his daughter after she is accused of a violent act. Good Kids stars Nicholas Braun and Zoey Deutsch in a film which is basically the premise of American Pie, from the people that brought you American Pie, where nerds look to let loose before they head off to college. Lastly, Moonlight seems to be the Indie film everyone is talking about this week, as it follows a young man’s struggle to find himself. Keanu Reeves stars in The Whole Truth, James Franco stars in King Cobra, and Ethan Hawke and John Travolta both star in In A Valley of Violence.

My weekend was one spent at work, which was the same as last week. I also got my first tattoo, one to which I’ve been told is fairly big for a first tattoo, but it was to honor my girls and it wasn’t too painful, so good big or go home is what they tell me. The entertainment I watched over the weekend was the epic season premiere of The Walking Dead, which is still weighing on my mind and will definitely take some time to come to terms with… I’m not sure it’ll ever quite register. But more on that later.

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New Trailer: Guardian Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser #1

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 || Set a few months after the first Guardians Of The Galaxy, the whole crew of the Milano will be returning to go on their next mission, which will have something to do with Kurt Russell as Star-Lord’s (Chris Pratt) father. The teaser is just that, and does not offer much in the sense of tangible storyline. We get a few quick images of everyone and a quick joke and then we are out. Likely the next trailer will be centered on the actual story of the film.

What we do find out from the trailer is that there is slight trouble in paradise as Star-Lord and Gamora (Zoe Saldana) are no longer an item, with Drax (Dave Bautista) offering words of wisdom and condolences: “you just need to find a woman who is pathetic… like you.” Awhile back, some concept art was released of the team fighting an Abilisk, a multi-dimensional beast that apparently the Guardians are tasked with destroying. Many believe this is how the film will open, giving us a taste of the team back together. It is hinted at in the trailer if you’re willing to scrub through frame by frame, with someone pointing out one of the legs/arms of this beast in the corner of a shot as Gamora lunges at it. The team is also shown on a planet that some are speculating whether or not is Ego the Living Planet, who has already been said to be Kurt Russell’s character and Star-Lord’s dad.

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25 @ Box Office: October 14th, 2016 – The Accountant


This is a post missed from last weekend:

Opening to almost the same $24.5 million as The Girl On The Train opened to last weekend, The Accountant, starring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, and J.K. Simmons takes the number one spot, with $24.7 million. Sharing the tone and big names of the winner last weekend, it comes as a little surprise that audiences turned out for these dark natured films, but so they did. Kevin Hart’s latest stand up feature, Kevin Hart: What Now? did decent business as well, making $11.7 million off a $9.9 million budget. Week 3 holdovers Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children and Deepwater Horizon finished out the top five, bumping out The Magnificent Seven and Storks, as Storks actually overtook Seven by $0.4 million.

The biggest drops this week belong to the remaining Week 5 holdovers Bridget Jones’s Baby and Snowden, both falling eight points, while Blair Witch closes out its impressive run in the top 25, landing at number 27, with a 12 point drop. The biggest increase belongs to the number 25 spot, A Man Named Ove, which jumped 11 points, to make its way onto the chart, as last week’s biggest jumper, Denial, continues its increase, up 5 points, landing at number 20. Seven new titles land on the chart this week, with one of them being the IMAX Harry Potter marathon, gearing up for the release of Warner Brothers’ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This contributes to a healthy amount of films falling off the chart, including the aforementioned Blair Witch, Kubo and the Two Strings, Hell Or High Water, When The Bough Breaks, The Dressmaker, along with some smaller titles like M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story and last week’s Prenam. Also, Sony’s Sausage Party falls off the list again, while Pixar’s Finding Dory, which also popped back up last week, still finds a spot at number 23.

Next weekend will see four big titles landing on the chart, with Boo! A Madea Halloween, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Keeping Up With The Joneses, and Ouija: Origin Of Evil all coming to theaters, as well as Ewan McGregor’s directorial debut American Pastoral possibly looking for a spot on the chart as well.

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New Trailer: Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer #1

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 || This may just happen to be because I recently saw the film and am in love with Westerns, but is it just me or does this appear to have the ringings of a Magnificent Seven video game? Why else would all the advertising show seven men in silhouettes, with one man appearing to even be a Native American? I’m not saying it will be directly derivative of any of the movies or Seven Samurai, frankly, but having that general story could be an awesome inclusion into the game. Red Dead Redemption had a great storyline and placed its main character out in the Wild West. Many believe this will be before the events in those games, going even further back in American history. The imagery is all beautiful landscapes and animals roaming wild, with the people coming later, simply hanging out in front of storefronts, standing in front a burning field, or racing past the camera riding horses. The attention to detail is what is so impressive in Rockstar Games, where even particles float through the air as a cowboy saddles up. Honestly, there is really no way to let me down when it comes to this game, even though the original is easily in the top five of my favorite games of all-time, because even if you gave me the same exact experience but with new characters and a new world, I would gladly take it. I am definitely looking forward to all that is to come from now until a year from now.

Release Date: Fall 2017
Developed By: Rockstar Games

rdr2_gamestill_07 rdr2_gamestill_01 rdr2_gamestill_02 rdr2_gamestill_03 rdr2_gamestill_05

New Trailer: Logan Official Trailer #1

LOGAN || A few weeks after the new poster for Logan premiered, here we have the trailer, which depicts a post-apocalyptic world much further down the X-Men timeline then we’ve ever been before. This is significant for many reasons, especially since this will be Hugh Jackman’s last turn as the Wolverine, as this will be his coup de grâce as the character. Director Mangold has gone out of his way to make this film feel different than any other superhero film and with the help of Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt,” that is completely apparent. Mangold also directed Walk The Line, so the music choice does not go unnoticed. Having directed the previous standalone Wolverine film, aptly titled The Wolverine, was set in Japan and had a very minimalist, Western feel which is also shared by Logan.


Although no official synopsis has been released by Mangold’s camp, here’s what we know. With a story closely based on the comic run titled “Old Man Logan”, Hugh Jackman returns as The Wolverine, but he’s aged, as seen by the grey in his beard and the scars on his back. This is slightly different from the Wolverine we’ve always known, because he could always heal before. Having scars means he’s been through something bigger than we’ve ever seen. On top of that, he’s covered in blood by the end of the trailer, so that shows a different side to him as well. The only other returning X-Men cast member that we know of from the trailer is Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier. His mission in this is to get Wolverine/Logan to care about a little girl that shares Wolverine’s abilities (for those that may not know, Wolverine has an adamantium-laced skeleton with retractable, blade-like claws as well as accelerated healing.


From the voice-over and look of things, the age of mutants is dwindling. On the hunt for mutants are the much hinted at Reavers, who hate mutants and are likely after the girl, to which she will need Wolverine’s protection. The head Reaver appears to be Donald Pierce, a character introduced to the comics in 1980 and played here by Boyd Holbrook (Milk, Gone Girl). The Reavers are a band of cyborg vigilantes with the sole mission of exterminating mutants. In the comics, the vendetta comes from being all but wiped out by the X-Men. Pierce is a cyborg with four artificial limbs, providing for superhuman strength and speed.


Dafne Keen is the young actress playing Laura Kinney, or as many refer to her as X-23, a clone made from the DNA of Logan, and as close to a daughter as he’ll ever get. She has the same exact powers as Logan and even though she does not say a word through the entire trailer, I wonder if we can assume it is her claws that Logan is shielding himself from in one of the mysterious shots in the trailer. This will be Keen’s feature film debut, having only been on a television series titled The Refugees, a show from the UK about people from the future seeking refuge in the present. One has to wonder, seeing as this is Jackman’s last turn as Wolverine, if this will be some sort of passing of the torch, although, this being set in the future, I’m not sure how involved she could be in past events. As standalone as this film may be, there will likely still be some connection to the progression of the franchise.


Not appearing in the trailer from what I could see, Richard E. Grant will also star as Dr. Zander Rice, the surgeon behind the creation of X-23 and Stephen Merchant as Caliban, a mutant who helps Logan with taking care of Professor Xavier. X-Men director Bryan Singer also confirmed in the commentary for X-Men: Apocalypse, that the supervillain Mister Sinister will also make his debut in the film, although he does not appear to be cast yet. There’s also a masked man at one point in the trailer, but he could also be one of the characters mentioned above.


Overall, at least from this teaser, Mangold achieves in setting the apart from the superhero genre, with the appearance of Wolverine’s claws only a few times and nothing else to really shine a particular spotlight on anything involving superheroes besides the mere mention of mutants. Even down to the title treatment, Mangold differentiates, with a simple, white font that is not extraordinary in the least. This feels very Western, with the desert background and brown, Western clothes. Add to that the new freedom of an R-rating, thanks to the success of Deadpool. Logan’s budget stands at $127 million and even though the last standalone Wolverine film only made $132 million domestically on a $120 million budget, this will personally be great in delivering something fresh and dynamic to a franchise that will see this as its tenth installment.

Hopefully it will be the perfect send off for Jackman, who serious made this role his own and iconicized it unlike anyone else could, devoting a huge chunk of his career to it. It will be sad to see him go, but hopefully it will open the door to something else new and exciting in the X-Men world.

Release Date: March 3, 2017
Directed By: James Mangold